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Hazelnut Macchiato Suds&Duds

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This soap smells amazing with it's deep chocolate hazelnut and coffee smell.

This is a Suds&Duds soap! This bar is still a perfectly wonderful bar of soap, it just doesn't look as nice as I would like, so you get it at a discount! The fragrance discolored so much it took away my beautiful layers of varying shades of brown. The white portion also developed glycerin rivers. Glycerin rivers form when particles of color added to the soap stick to the greasy, water-repellent tails of the soap molecules while leaving the water-soluble heads of the molecules without color. This can happen when the soap batter gets too hot as it goes through gel phase, or if there is too much water added to the color. 


saponified oils of: coconut, olive; goat milk, fragrance oil, skin safe colorants